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  • Community Insight Data Dashboard

    2020 CHNA data is now available on the Community Insight dashboard. This interactive platform is powered by the Johnson Center's Community Data and Research Lab and allows users to explore local data from multiple sources.

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    The following indicators from the 2020 Kent County CHNA are available on the Community Insight dashboard and most can be broken down by zip code, race/ethnicity, gender, age, educational attainment, or household income.

    • Physical health
    • Mental health
    • Stress
    • Inability to pay bills
    • Unsafe neighborhood
    • Food insecurity
    • Healthy meal insecurity
    • Monthly Finances
    • Healthcare Access: No health care access due to cost
    • Healthcare Access: No personal healthcare provider
    • Healthcare Access: No routine checkup
    • Current Smokers
    • Marijuana Use
    • Alcohol Consumption
    • Physical Inactivity
    • Fruit & Vegetable Consumption
    • Discrimination
    • Effects of Discrimination
  • Data Requests

    If you have a question about CHNA/CHIP data, or cannot find what you are looking for, please submit a data request to

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