County Clerk

Concealed Pistol License

Application for a Concealed Pistol License (CPL)


Obtain application from the County Clerk or download application (rev. May 2022).


  • New License - $100 to County Clerk and $15 to fingerprinting agency
  • License Renewal - $115 to County Clerk


Complete before applying(Must be taken w/in last 5 years)

Certificate must contain the following:
  • The statement "This course complies with section 5j of 1927 PA 372"
  • Printed name, original signature, and telephone number of course instructor
  • Individual has successfully completed the course
  • Name of training organization that certified instructor (e.g., NRA, MCOLES, etc)
  • Training organization telephone number
  • Instructor's certification number and expiration date

Submit Application

Submit completed application with attachments (safety training certificate, proof of prohibited premises qualification, if applicable), and State of Michigan ID.


  • New Application - Must be fingerprinted after submitting an application.
  • Renewal - May not have to be reprinted if still an active renewal (i.e. It has been less than a year from expiration).
  • Reapplication - Must re-take the training class and be fingerprinted again (applying more than a year after expiration)


Licenses will be mailed to address indicated on application.

License Term

A license is valid until applicant's birth date "that falls not less than 4 years or more than 5 years after license is issued" after approval.

Replacing a lost CPL license carries a $10.00 fee.


Apply for renewal up to 6 months before your current license expires to avoid a gap in your ability to carry concealed. Renewals may be submitted in-person using the application form. Additionally, you may apply for renewal online, via the Michigan State Police portal.

To acquire your renewal PIN please email or call 616-632-7640