Sheriff's Office

Incident Reporting

The Kent County Sheriff's Office is responsible for filing incident reports for accidents that occur in the Township areas of the county.

Walk in Incident Reports

Walk in accident reports are taken at any of our office locations in the instance where two parties are involved in an accident in our area and either a road patrol officer could not respond or the parties decided not to wait for them to respond to the roadway. These reports take approximately ten minutes per person. It involves reviewing a questionnaire with the parties, having them complete the needed data, and then entering the data into the computer system. Once the information is entered we will provide you with an incident number to give to your insurance company.

Online Incident Reporting

There are several different types of incidents that can be reported online, such as accidents without injury or car-deer accidents.

Incidents where the crime is in progress or the suspect's identity is known by the victim cannot be reported online. Contact the Communications Center at (616) 632-6357 to have a deputy dispatched. This secure online reporting website can only be used for incidents within the Kent County Sheriff Office's response jurisdiction.

Report an Incident Online

Obtain a Copy of an Accident Report

If you would like to obtain a copy of an accident report that was taken by the Kent County Sheriff's Office, you may download a copy online for a $13.00 fee, or come to any of the four branches for a $10.00 fee.

Download an Accident Report