Sheriff's Office

Crime Scene Unit

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(616) 632-6250

The primary responsibility of the Crime Scene Unit (CSU) is to assist the road patrol officers and detectives in crime scene investigations.

The CSU processes a wide variety of crime scenes ranging from the larceny of automobiles to homicides. Crime scene processing may consist of: photographing and sketching the scene; dusting for and collecting latent fingerprints; collecting hairs, fibers, and bodily fluids; and photographing and casting both footwear and tire impressions.

Bloodstain pattern interpretation and shooting reconstruction are additional crime scene specialties provided by CSU members. The CSU also has the capability to process evidence from a crime scene in the laboratory utilizing traditional and chemical techniques.

Other support provided by the CSU include: composite sketches, crime scene diagrams, review and enhancement of video surveillance evidence, and installation of silent alarms and video surveillance equipment.

All members of the unit have bachelor's degrees and specialized training in crime scene investigations.


Crime Scene Unit Team Leader
Karen Curtiss
(616) 632-6244
In charge of Crime Scene Unit activities

Lieutenant Robert Porter
(616) 632-6155
Supervises the Crime Scene Unit (CSU)